Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our Separation

Dear Friends in Christ:
      With heavy hearts, we make this statement together so you have news from the source, from us:  After 29 years of marriage we will begin living apart—at least for a time. We are entering into a trial separation. 
      This is a time of reflection, discernment and private conversation between us. Our love and affection for one another has always been, and remains, strong. We are friends. We respect each other, and we are proud of the many accomplishments of our marriage.  And so we enter this separation with deep gratitude as well as sorrow.
      We have been faithful to each other and are doing our best for one another. Yet we are humbled by regrets we share. Several times over the course of our years together we have sought counseling and professional advice, and we have continued to talk. So our decision now to live apart is the result of a long and thoughtful process. Our reflections lead us to choose this path at this time in the same spirit of affection that has held us together as best friends and partners.  We like one another and enjoy each other’s company.
      Furthermore, each of us feels drawn to a renewed awareness of God’s Spirit through this process—which sometimes expresses itself through the frank confession of our own truth, and which gives us the faith and courage to confront life’s challenges in a spirit of adventure and good will. 
      If there is any hope for our reunion, we believe we can achieve it only by taking this path.  We are profoundly aware that we can never know anything with certainty, but this feels like the best course of action.  For the sake of our mutual growth and fidelity to God, we need to take this step. 
      Finally, our reasons for taking this action are both substantial and deeply personal.  We ask for your support and your prayers; and, please, we ask only one thing: that as tempting as it may be to speculate about the nature of our difficulties, please respect our need for privacy. 
      Remembering to strive to see Christ in all persons, we ask all our friends to do your part to challenge gossip, and meet anxiety with words of peace.    
      We thank you for all the ways in which you walk in compassion, following the way of our Lord Jesus.
      We remain yours in Christ,
            Rose & Matt


Colleen Newvine Tebeau said...


I read this, then followed it with your sermon on being in freefall -- my wish for you and Rose is that the ropes you've tied catch you and that you land safely wherever you are meant to be.

You told us when we came to you to prepare for our wedding that marriage is hard, that even people who love each other very much struggle to make it work. I wish you weren't so doggone right.

Sending you both best wishes,


Sierracanon said...

You are both in my prayers as you work through this chapter in your lives. Pax Vobiscum.